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PPF Paint Protection Film

Final Touch is certified through Xpel and offer pre-cut kit paint protection film installations. Pre-cut kits by Xpel avoid cutting film on the vehicle or guessing where seams and slits will be as their team of engineers have done the required work and offer the best possible way the film will lay on each vehicle.

 Coverage options and starting prices are as follows:

  • Wear and Tear Package Same Day Service ( Includes Door Edges, Door Cups, Door Sill )

    • Two Door Vehicle $250

    • Four Door Vehicle $300

    • Add the Luggage Area strip for an additional $100

Recommended - For same day service combine the Wear and Tear package with OptiCoat’s Optimum Paint Guard ($400) for basic complete Coverage for a total of $650-$800

The following reflect starting prices as some vehicle cuts may require more time and pieces as well as the size of the vehicle will be a factor in pricing

  • Front Bumper only - $500 add Headlights for an additional $100

  • Custom package of Front Bumper , Headlights, and Partial Hood - $800

    Partial Front End Package $1,200

    - includes front bumper, partial hood, partial fenders, headlights, side mirrors

    Full Front End $1,600

- includes front bumper, full hood, full fenders, headlights, side mirrors